Optimization of the Intraquery parallelism (parallelism to optimize the performances of the single query) and Interquery parallelism (parallelism to optimize the performances of the engine with concurrent queries).

Action points:
• Improvement of the Heap management to reduce the negative effects of the Heap Contention (frequent concurrent requests of dynamic allocation of memory segments from threads).
• New algorithms for the automatic and/or guided management of the parallelism in the Nested Loops.
• Resizing of local buffers for the optimization of the use of the first and second level cache.
• Redesigning of the parallel algorithms and their scheduling to reduce the frequency of the switch context of the threads.

• Total throughput time of many concurrent queries improved by a factor of 10.
• Query response time improved by 50% with Union operators, and RAM maximum usage reduced by 50%.


Insertion of the Hints to customize the queries execution modality.

Hints are comments that can be inserted in the string containing the query and that are able to change the behavior of Sadas Engine. The behavior of the engine is influenced by the hint only for the execution of the query containing it.

Moreover the activation of the hints in the engine and their usage in the string can be parameterized. The behavior of the engine can also be modified not only for the execution of the current query, but also persistently for the whole duration of the current connection. To do this it is possible to use some commands to set certain specific connection variables.


Thanks to the performances of SADAS DBMS, an important banking institution has implemented the DWH and allows the users an easy and immediate access to company data.


Total number of uploaded records   46 billions 
Biggest historical table   1,3 billions 
Daily updated records              from 4 to 6 billions 
Number of Databases   188
Tables per single DB   > 1000 
Average number of daily queries   780.000
Maximum peak of daily queries   2.600.000 
Average response time   < 0,03 sec
Maximum query concurrence    120



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