Sadas Engine fits any field and allows any organization to analyze and manage extremely large volumes of data. Here are some examples of the industries where Sadas Engine is used and how it helps organizations:


Business Intelligence
Data Analytics
Data Warehouse
Reporting & dashboards
Television Audience Measurement
Compliance in Financial Institutions
Data Quality
Data Masking
Location Analytics
Data Governance & Information Management
Internet of Things


Banking & Finance: carry out second-level controls for Anti-Money Laundering, prevent usury, detect credit card fraud and tax evasion and profile customers.

Leasing: develop applications for credit rating, risk management, Anti-Money Laundering, control usury threshold levels and much more.

Insurance: Integrate and analyze data information to detect frauds, identify meaningful trends, combat money laundering and discover hidden patterns.

Media: manage TV audience measurement, conduct in-depth analyses on viewing preferences and discover more valuable insights.

Telecommunications: Using any type of data collected to know and profile customers, telecom services providers can unlock the potential of unstructured data and plan their next move. Improve customer service, satisfaction, retention and loyalty increase the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Public Sector: help the management of local governments, from local taxing to geo-referencing building footprint.

Retail: profile customers through loyalty cards to discover buying preferences and gain insights on products' performance. 



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